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    We Fund and Build Companies that matter in circular economy for a better tomorrow

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    With Transformational Disruption that Positively Impact End Users

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    Enabling Startup and Fortune 500, to bring to market Disruption with Impact


Global Impact Innovation Platform

Discover vetted Digital, Hardware and Scientific Innovation, ready for Commercialization or Scaling.


$10+ Billion Startups Revenues

Accelerate Digital Transformation by Going to Market with Seed - Unicorn startup in 75 Countries.


1+ Billion Users Positively Impacted

Reach 1000's startup, 100's Fortune 500, VC's, and Universities to drive ESG with Impact to UN SDG.

#1 Impact Innovation and Ventures Exchange

Unlock New Revenues, Reduce Inefficiency with Cyber Risks and drive better Tomorrow



Designed to shorten time to market while enhancing innovation capability of Corporate Market Leaders who can explore and engage with any startup "In/Out eCosystem" to execute POC, NPI, G2M, CVC, and Corporate Development strategic goals.



Built on years of successful execution at Startup and Fortune 500 by our leadership at McKinsey, Accenture, Google, Amazon; Apple with MBA's, PhD's, MD's, JD's degrees from Stanford, Harvard, MIT, UC, USC, NYU, Cornell and Columbia University.



We are agnostic supporting tech for good innovation for Enterprise, Consumer, Media, FinTech, Health, BioTech, CleanTech, AgroTech, FoodTech, EdTech, and Hardware (Mobility, Robotics, Autonomous, 4D Printing, Telecomm, Medical Devices, SpaceTech, Sports).



We map your innovation focus to emerging tech to solve key pressing challenges at industry level, build it (Idea to Commercial Stage) in our global labs (based at top universities research park), then take it to market with 100 enterprise partners.


Success Stories

First in Silicon Valley to launch On-Demand innovation through On-Demand Venture Capital, to accelerate execution in closed loop and deliver 10X faster GTM at lower cost. View 100's of the completed execution between startup and Corporate (Sign up).


Case Studies

Corporate members can execute their innovation roadmap and achieve strategic outcomes while reducing the risks caused by internal initiatives and fast-paced external startup by up to 10X. Sign up (above) to access detailed case studies and use cases.


Emerging Technologies Focus

Deep Technologies that solves current pressing challenges.

health, transportation, food, housing, energy, education, finance, media and infrastructure.

  • Artificial Intelligence and ML
  • Quantum, Edge Computing
  • Blockchain and Trust Automation
  • Robotics, Mobility, SpaceTech
  • New Material and 4D Printing
  • Voice, Synthetic and Video Recognition
  • AR/VR and Autonomous Automation
  • IoT, 5G, SCN, Industry 4.0, Web3
  • Cybersecurity, GRC and Security
  • Genome, Precision Medicine, BioTech
  • Construction and Manufacturing
  • Clean Food and Renewable Energy

Global Startup Program

We convert idea into business, scale revenues and funding, with our members ($200B+ Funds)


We Build and Launch scalable Beta/POC to gain traction, validation and lead seed round.

Build (Use Case)

We fund your GTM (Go-to-Market) with corporate and global market leaders to gain revenues.

Fund (Use Case)

We position your expansion in global markets to grow or gain exposure for faster exit through peers.

Exit (Use Case)

Turbocharge your Growth with Sustainable Funding

We help startup reach the OneTraction™ "One Corporate Customer Order for $1m or more", invest part of our revenues and lead your next rounds along our professional investor Members (we do not accept private, angel, crypto investors, and do not support any product or services that's regulated or has a negative impact on living species or environment). Excluded are sectors with Impact (I.e., Medical Devices FDA, Equitable Banking, Net Zero Acceleration, etc). Learn more about our difference Download a Brochure


Idea to Seed Stage

  • eProgram 1-6months
  • Pre or Post Accelerator Stage
  • Dedicated Expert Advisor
  • Global Tech Labs Engineers
  • Remote - Local Hubs Access
  • Product and Launch Funding
  • Digital/Hardware/Science
  • Quarterly Member Conference
  • Solo Founder Accepted
  • Target Round: $1m - $5m



Series A to Unicorn

  • Commercial Stage
  • ARR $1m+ /25% Growth
  • cross
  • cross
  • Global Market Satellite
  • Syndicate Funding through Exit
  • cross
  • cross
  • No-Board Seat with Liquidity
  • Target Round: $5m - $50m

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Global Fortune 2000

  • Tap Hidden Innovation
  • Scout Idea to Unicorn
  • POC / NPI / GTM / CVC / Exit
  • Digital Transformation
  • Global Innovation Exchange
  • Augment your Capability
  • cross
  • cross
  • Exclusive Syndicate
  • Target Check: $1m - $25m

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  • Indexed Secured Portfolio
  • High IRR / Low Risk
  • P/E Impact Investing
  • US Accredited Only
  • Short Tern Liquidity
  • Financing and Equity Deals
  • cross
  • cross
  • Exclusive Syndicate
  • Target Check: $500k - $5m

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Got-to-Market with Global Fortune 500 and Scale to Last

First in Silicon Valley to capture the entire cycle of Innovation from Idea to Exit. We are disrupting a $5 Trillion Market, by reducing startup time to market by 10X, while automating gradually the funding cycle to optimize portfolio returns above the top 5% V.C Funds while executing Impact Innovation (doing good & well). Featured startup's VC Investor, EIR / Mentor, Partner and Corporate members affiliation. Watch Stanford Conference
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